Synthesis of catalog compounds

Following the recent market demand and the trend of novel drug development at home and abroad, we have been designing and developing multiple serials of catalog compounds, which include cyclopropanes, fluoro-substituted arenes, spiro/bridged cycles, unsaturated/fused cycles, saturated carbon-cycles, chiral compounds, reference compounds, etc. Those ever-increasing catalog compounds features novel structure motif, which could accelerate significantly the drug R&D for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Custom synthesis of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates

Owning a research team with comprehensive synthetic experience and absolute responsibility, we provide our clients with reliable synthetic service for advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, reference compounds, as well as drug impurities. We have received unanimous praises from our customers for high order completion percentage, timely delivery rate, as well as rigorous quality control over our products.

Process R&D, technology transfer service

We also provide synthetic route selection, process R&D, as well as technology transfer service for our customers.