SynTitan Pharma, improve our life with molecules

Corporate culture:

"Fair, enterprising, benevolent, free"

Business philosophy:

"Sincere to superior, Cooperative to win-win"

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

–Ronald Reagan

Nanjing Syntitan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (abbreviate: Syntitan Pharma) was founded in January, 2017 by Dr. Guojun Pan, and located at “Thousand talent plan”-chemistry & chemical engineering institute, Jiangbei new area, Nanjing, China. Keeping faith with an operational philosophy of “Sincere to superior, Cooperative to win-win”, Syntitan Pharma is dedicated to provide custom synthesis of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates (milligrams to multi-kilo grams scale), process R&D, and technology transfer service to clients native and abroad...